A long overdue post from a lovely, quiet little newborn photo shoot.

So excited to share images of this beautiful family! They’re expecting their second baby in just a few short weeks.

san mateo maternity photographer

san mateo maternity photographer

I photographed this sweet little guy back in March. We saw him recently and he’s grown sooo much! Made me realize how behind I am on my blog. Better late than never, right? :)

baby k

baby k

Baby D was so easy to photograph! He slept for a good two hours while I snapped these sweet photos of him. I recently met him and photographed him again now that he’s older, can’t wait to share those photos!

san mateo newborn baby photographer

I haven’t updated in such a long time and have some very special photos to share. This is a good friends’ baby girl, photographed back in March. Isn’t she just the sweetest little thing? So precious!

Finally a little update for this blog! Some very, very belated photos from our trip to pick out a Christmas tree. We’ve been coming out to this little farm in Los Gatos since I was a teenager. I absolutely love the windy road on the way there, wandering around the little Christmas tree farm and finally finding the perfect Christmas tree. It was amazing to be able to share this experience with my little guy this year!


The sun came out for us this lovely Saturday morning in San Mateo. We photographed a quick session right by the bay. With our limited amount of time we managed to grab a ton of great photos!


Although I believe that the most important decisions a photographer makes happen as they are shooting – the camera settings, the composition, the angle and countless other little details – the decisions the photographer makes during post-processing can make a huge impact on the final product the client receives. Every photograph I print goes through a thorough process that starts with clean-up of any distracting elements (that tiny piece of chocolate pudding on a kid’s face that went unnoticed during the shoot, the stray hair across the forehead, etc). Then, I go through a color-correction flow that I created for myself, making sure that skin tones look as they should – this can truly make or break a portrait. Finally, I put a few finishing touches that make the photo pop and contribute to a consistent look and feel. Because the process can be incredibly manual, I often use Photoshop actions. Among my favorites are by MCP Actions. In this photo, I will demonstrate how I transformed a photograph using a set of actions. Please keep in mind this is a bit different than my usual workflow as I wanted to demonstrate some of the fun features I might not use on a regular basis.

To create the final result I first cleaned up the image and made my manual adjustments to make sure the exposure, white balance and colors are spot on. Then I used the Mini Fusion action set to add more contrast and saturation (I turned all other layers off and lowered the opacity on the ones I used to make the effects a little more subtle). Then I used the Magic Midtone Lifter action at a low opacity to add a little more pop. I used the eye doctor to brighten the irises and whites and bring out the the catch lights. Finally, I used magical contrast and magical clarity to give it a final pop.

Doing this by hand would take me hours per photo, so having a set of actions to help me has been a lifesaver!

Happy Birthday Benett!

July 19, 2011

Happy second birthday, little Mr. B! We had so much fun playing and photographing your birthday party!
Photos from Benett's birthday party

It’s so hard to commit to anything that might take more than 30 minutes when you have a baby… which is why I’m proud that I finally found time to bake some cupcakes (coconut with cream cheese frosting, mmmmm)


Later, Liam visited grandma and grandpa while Mike and I sneaked out for a couple of hours to watch a movie – a rare luxury for brand new parents! We watched Toy Story 3, which was great. I’ve have yet to be disappointed by a Pixar film.

And, of course, I took some photos of Liam.

He seems to love tummy time when we take him outside. Lots of new sights and sounds that encourage him to view the world from a slightly different perspective!

Decorative fishies were transformed into baby toys. He loved to look at all the colors and patterns on them.

Grandma got to spend some quality time playing with the little guy

And, of course, I took about a million photos of his little feet!