Soaking it all in!

August 7, 2010

I finally sat down last night and went through some photos I took of Liam in the last month of my maternity leave. These were taken on one particular day when I was really soaking in all his “babyness”, realizing that it only lasts such a short amount of time. We spent the day at my parents’ house, laying around in the grass in the backyard, going on walks and just spending a lazy day hanging out. As I picked out his third outfit for the day, my mom said to him, “Your mommy is still a little girl. She thinks you’re her dress-up doll!” I replied, “I’m just trying to enjoy all the best parts of having a baby!”

2010-08-06-liam1.jpg 2010-08-06-liam3.jpg 2010-08-06-liam4.jpg 2010-08-06-liam2.jpg

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