It’s so hard to commit to anything that might take more than 30 minutes when you have a baby… which is why I’m proud that I finally found time to bake some cupcakes (coconut with cream cheese frosting, mmmmm)


Later, Liam visited grandma and grandpa while Mike and I sneaked out for a couple of hours to watch a movie – a rare luxury for brand new parents! We watched Toy Story 3, which was great. I’ve have yet to be disappointed by a Pixar film.

And, of course, I took some photos of Liam.

He seems to love tummy time when we take him outside. Lots of new sights and sounds that encourage him to view the world from a slightly different perspective!

Decorative fishies were transformed into baby toys. He loved to look at all the colors and patterns on them.

Grandma got to spend some quality time playing with the little guy

And, of course, I took about a million photos of his little feet!


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